Studies indicate that naturally occurring growth hormone can become an easier solution for weight loss. An expert in growth hormone therapy Miami points out that human growth hormone is now available in the form of powders, pills and injections. Growth hormone therapy is now a viable solution for not just the deficiency but also considered as an option for weight loss. You can find out more about the growth hormone deficiencies and the hormone replacement therapy that is used to treat this condition. Studies related to growth hormone shows that Human Growth Hormone or HGH injections will lead to muscle gain and fat loss.

The change will be very gradual that you may not notice it in the very beginning. Growth hormones are produced by the pituitary gland to fuel bodily development and growth. It also helps to maintain bodily functions like muscle growth, tissue repair, brain function, metabolism, and energy throughout life. The production of growth hormone is at its peak in the younger age and slowly declines as you grow older. Obese people have a low level of growth hormone compared to people with normal weight. This finding has given a boost to the idea that a dose of HGH will enhance weight loss.

A study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that synthetic HGH injections resulted in a 14% loss in body fat and an 8.8% gain in muscle mass. This study is promising but the subsequent researches have shown no such results. Still, HGH is available for sale and people are using it for weight loss. For a person with a growth hormone deficiency, HGH replacement therapy will result in improved body composition, gain in muscle and bone mass. But this therapy has not been effective for reducing weight in obese people. This implicates that visible changes are seen in people who have an actual deficiency of growth hormone from the pituitary gland due to a health issue.

Even though there is a decrease in fat and increase in muscle there has been no visible change in the weight. Some researchers conclude that HGH is not effective in treating obesity. HGH is a prescription drug and is available as an injection that needs to be administered once every week. HGH injections are approved by the medical organizations to treat children and adults with a growth hormone deficiency, aids-related muscle wasting and those who are undergoing organ transplant.

HGH is available as pills and powder as well. Companies claim that it is as effective as injections. Bit experts doubt the effectiveness of HGH pills and powders. HGH is made of protein which will get broken down during digestion. The risks of pills and powders are unknown and are not approved by the FDA. The FDA has not approved HGH injections for weight loss as there is lack of proper study, the treatment is expensive and there is a potential risk of being insulin resistant. If HGH injection is taken by a healthy adult, they are at risk of insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle and joint ache and swelling in legs and arms.

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